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Shameless, I know. I own riding crops, handcuffs, velvet ropes, wooden paddles and blindfolds, but all of these toys are designed to use with or on a partner, or something for a partner to use on me. When I was younger, buying a sexy toy for myself seemed shameful, dirty even. During my teenage years in the 90s and early 00s female sexuality and sexual pleasure were still seen as vaguely mythical and rarely, if ever, shown in films or on TV. Sex was something women did for men, and if the woman happened to enjoy it a bit too that was just a happy coincidence.
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10 Hot Reasons To Use Sex Toys With Your Partner In Bed

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Because every woman deserves a sex toy. Sex toys for women — where do you start? According to most surveys, around half of us have at least played around with a sex toy, while according to an Indiana University study, around 50 per cent of women regularly use a vibrator during sex solo or otherwise. Worth every penny.
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Originally posted by StunningView Thank you for the insight firekitten, So far so good Any other girls to back up the claim that it does or doesn't make a difference? You will always stretch to fit a bigger toy, but shrink back afterwards. I think the only real exceptions to this are actual tears, but they tend to make you a bit tighter because they don't stretch the way the rest of your skin will. Also once you have stretched to a much larger size and especially if you do so on a regular basis your vagina will stretch more easily and may take a bit longer to shrink back.

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    There's 3 very proud fathers out there. Nice job, dad.

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    Mim 8 months ago

    what is this guys name i want to see his face ive heard him in so many videos

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    simply gorgeous!

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    Damn what's her name?! I believe it is the same here:

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    Kinda makes me feel old. I too remember when she was the sweet innocent teen schoolgirl etc. And now after a while of not seeing her that much she's a milf.

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    i wanna fuck her

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    Si sos ct tenes que prar solo chaleco y no olviden de prarse defuse, eso es mucho muy importante

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    Fucking love her.

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    That outfit... Christ.

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