Episode 4 – Rancor, Weequays, Gamorreans, & Jet Troopers Spoiler Discussion

In this episode we discuss the newest spoilers from Jabba’s Realm after doing a bit of testing on the Rancor, Weequays, Gamorreans, and Jet Troopers over the weekend. Please review the new cards (we don’t spell out every detail on the episode) and join the skirmish discussion.

The official spoiler page from FFG.

There is also a short discussion about the Sorin list that starts at 13m38s in to the episode.

Episode 3 – Jabba Spoilers, Cross-Training, & Recent Tournaments

First up is a quick discussion of 2 recent tournaments. Second, we discuss when to roll a white or black die with Cross-Trained Stormtroopers. This is the Damage Probability Calculator we use.

Finally, for the bulk of the episode (starting at 12m50s), we discuss spoilers for Jabba’s Realm! We assume you’ve seen all the spoilers posted by FFG at the links below (please review them if you haven’t yet because we didn’t want to waste time re-reading entire cards):

Jabba’s Realm
The Battle for Tatooine
A Step Above Scum

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