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Email iStockphoto Don't be offended if your dog doesn't lick you. He may prefer to show his affection in other ways. Dogs wash our faces, French kiss us and bathe our feet. Many dogs love to lick us as well as themselves.
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Help Heal Your Dog’s Lick Granuloma

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acral lick dermatitis (lick granuloma) | University of Prince Edward Island

Help the dogs with a tax-deductible donation today - - Lick Granuloma Lick granulomas are typically wounds seen on a dog's legs. Usually there is just one, but some dogs may have more than one at a time. These lesions usually appear as firm, raised, hairless areas of skin that may be darkened with pigment due to the dog's chronic licking of the area. The center of the lesion is usually ulcerated, red and moist, but it may also be covered with a scab. Causes of lick granuloma can include infections caused by bacteria, fungi, mites, allergies, cancer, joint disease, previous trauma, or an obsessive compulsive disorder caused in some dogs by boredom. It is believed that damaged cells release pain-relieving endorphins that addict the dog to the licking and mutilation of the area. This whole problem may have begun with just an itchy area.
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Why Does My Dog Constantly Lick Everything in the House?

It is suggested that differential diagnosis rule-outs are investigated before considering psychogenic underlying causes. An additional complication is that even if the original cause is psychogenic, secondary infection is very common and will need to be treated before further evaluation. The list of possible psychological causes cited here has not changed from that in previous editions of a standard text in the last 20 years or so of previous editions. Possible psychological factors Miller, Grif n and Campbell, The dog is left alone all day.
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Acral lick dermatitis lick granuloma What is The cause is unknown but inheritance may play a role, since certain breeds are affected more commonly. Boredom or frustration are considered contributing factors. Other possibilities include a disorder of the sensory nerves, or an obsessive-compulsive disorder. How is

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