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That's because you are such intelligent, caring, dedicated, funny -- and OK, sometimes out there -- readers. You never miss a chance to tell us what you're thinking. And you do so with honesty and with no holds barred. That's what encourages us to do our best, because we know it matters to you. Our Letter Box never emptied in and the topics were as varied as the letter writers.
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Robert Downey Sr. In the space of a few months audiences in big cities were sent reeling by quality R and X-rated films that made anything seem possible: If Professionally crafted and wholly independent in spirit, Putney Swope shocked critics and delighted counterculture would-be hipsters already tuned to the satiric wavelength of National Lampoon magazine. Putney Swope doesn't quite keep its comic invention going for all of its 85 minutes, but when it's cooking there's nothing like it. Synopsis: When the chairman of a big New York ad agency dies in the middle of a meeting, the other executives mistakenly elect the 'token black' on the board as their new leader -- everyone votes for him thinking he'll lose. The winner, Putney Swope Arnold Johnson disbands the board, fills the agency with militant soul brothers and black attitude and renames it "Truth and Soul Incorporated.
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They are restrained only by the constitutional obligation to base their decisions on sound educational grounds, and not on ideology or political or other personal beliefs. Thus, school officials are free to debate the merits of any educational program, but that debate does not justify the wholesale removal of books, especially when the avowed purpose is to suppress unwelcome information and viewpoints. It is irrelevant that the books are available in the library — or at the local bookstore.
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His raucous, often plotless satires of cultural attitudes about politics, race, sex, marketing, sports, and religion, among other topics, often play like random colletions of sketches ultimately painting a portrait of an unjust world where the haves and have-nots are constantly at war. His real golden period lasted from his first sort of feature, Babo 73, until the little-seen "work in progress" from that closes out this set; as such, this Eclipse collection is a valuable preservation of five key tit les from this period that will delight and befuddle plenty of new viewers. Clocking in at just under an hour, Babo 73 features Beat poet Taylor Mead Lonesome Cowboys as Sandy Studsbury, the newly-elected President of the United Status, who presides over an insane cabinet on the beach including members with names like Chester Kittylitter where they plot impromptu assassinations, perform slapstick sight gags, and even do a quick bit in front of the White House. Along the way you get a few nifty precursors of things to come like a vivid monologue about how every human being has a right to be a bigot -- while a black man shines the speaker's shoes without comment. They also spend time constructing toy battle scenes and rockets, with obvious real world parallels, Mainly this is Mead's show, and combined with Downey's helter skelter structure including a bizarre color segment in a forest that must be seen to be believed , it ultimately becomes a perfect mid-'60s example of cultural satire filtered through the sensibility of the Marx Brothers.

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