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In the scripture quoted above, the Lord tells us that love is to characterize our relationships with each other. It is my belief that He wants all of us to experience love in its deepest and fullest sense. On the other hand, Satan seeks to prostitute and distort love—making of it something tawdry and destructive. Many young people have been deceived by the counterfeit descriptions of love that are evident all around us. You must, therefore, be careful in your high school, college, and university classes.
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Why we should value mature love over young love

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Why we should value mature love over young love — Love Intently

You can still call in sick to work because the beach is calling your name, and you and your partner can still chase each other down the street with water guns, too. Where your relationship does need to step it up is in how you communicate , how you deal with issues when they arise, and your ability to resolve problems without throwing childish fits about things. So are you in a mature relationship? Here are 11 ways to tell. In a mature relationship, your partner brings out your best. And should your worst bits make a surprise guest appearance, then they'll know how to handle that, too. You Believe In Resolution, As Opposed To Running Away Because every single couple fights , no matter how adult their relationship is, what proves ultimate maturity is working out a problem and reaching a resolution.
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Difference Between A Mature Relationship And An Immature Relationship

Out of the desire for human connection comes a desire to fuse with another person, for the two to become in essence one, to know another as completely and as deeply as one knows oneself. For Fromm, this sort of love is both transitory and illusory, and cannot compare to the mature form, in which union is attained through the retention of the individual self rather than loss through symbiosis. Mature love, and the resulting knowledge of another person, can only be attained through the act of love, rather than the illusory state that is immature love. The Kiss - Gustav Klimt The Drive Towards Human Connection Fromm claims that the deepest, most pressing need of mankind is to overcome a sense of loneliness and separation. As humans, we possess the unique characteristic of self-awareness.
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