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Messenger Gender is generally thought of as a stable trait: we are born male or female and we stay that way as we grow from small children to adults. It turns out that for young children, initial concepts about gender are quite flexible. So, how do children come to understand gender? When do they begin to think about gender as a stable trait?
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The significance of the white clothes during Hajj

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When do children develop their gender identity?

Just how much consideration do you give to the colour of your clothes? Flitting through the clothes store rails, you're probably processing two or three garments a second, until one inexplicably stands out and makes it to the changing room. Colour will probably play an important but not decisive role. But is there a subconscious process going into your decision? We've surveyed a thousand people on how they perceive other people based on the colour of the clothes they choose. It's thrown up some fascinating conclusions.
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Are you comfortable changing clothes in front of your partner?

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For centuries, and all around the globe, strict laws have governed what people wear. From caliphates to communist republics and even in the democratic West, a moral war is being waged on our wardrobes, one that rages on today. So, in the spirit of sartorial solidarity, we take a look at five nations where personal style and political style are one and the same. Hair should be kept cm in length and be trimmed every 15 days, reports had it. Meanwhile, women caught wearing trousers were once rumoured to be punished with forced labour and fines, according to reports.

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