Words ending in gay

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Did you know? As well, if you check out any English-language news media, there are usually several articles every day that cover gay rights, gay people and how other institutions in society feel for example, the Church. And yet there is very little about this topic in English coursebooks and websites. They are sometimes called straight or hetro ie when a man and a woman are together. The term LGBT refers to people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.
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Words ending in "gay"

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The adjective to which the suffix is added may have been lost from the language, as in the case of early, in which the Anglo-Saxon word aer only survives in the poetic usage ere. This does not always apply in the case of monosyllabic words; for example, shy becomes shyly but dry can become dryly or drily, and gay becomes gaily. When the suffix is added to a word ending in double l, no additional l is added; for example, full becomes fully. Note also wholly from whole , which may be pronounced either with a single l sound like holy or with a doubled geminate l. When the suffix is added to a word ending in a consonant followed by le pronounced as a syllabic l , generally the e is dropped, the l loses its syllabic nature, and no additional l is added; this category is mostly composed of adverbs that end in -ably or -ibly and correspond to adjectives ending in -able or -ible , but it also includes other words such as nobly, feebly, triply, and idly. However, there are a few words where this contraction is not always applied, such as brittlely. When -ly is added to an adjective ending -ic, the adjective is usually first expanded by the addition of -al.
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Words that end in gay

Opt out or contact us anytime Under existing Canadian military rules, homosexuals are not "knowingly" enrolled as serving members of the armed forces. In those cases where after joining the armed services people have been identified or have identified themselves as homosexuals, they cannot under these rules be forced out, though in practice they are made pariahs by being declared ineligible for training courses, promotion or re-enlistment. The policy has been subjected to court challenges as a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a document equivalent to the United States Bill of Rights that is part of the Canadian Constitution and that guarantees equal benefit and equal protection under the law. The impending decision on the military sets Canada apart from the United States and several other leading nations.
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Two Backup Sites: jumble solver and word scramble solver. Look upon them, ye mighty and despair! The dictionary search results are shown in groups of ten. Use the buttons to page through the list. Review the words to see if you find what you're looking for.

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